Innovative Real Estate Management and Investment Solutions

As a European investment boutique, we rigorously analyse the impact of the wider economy and embrace innovation to help our clients navigate any uncertainty.


The specialist real estate asset classes most impacted by recent changes in behavior of consumers and companies are hotel, leisure and retail. All of these asset classes require a detailed understanding of all aspects of their trading and hence are complex in their nature.

The initial senior IREMIS team has a wealth of experience in hotel and leisure real estate. We are therefore well positioned to focus on hotel and leisure assets in today’s challenging context.
A dedicated retail real estate specialisation and team is planned.


Innovation is at the core of all that IREMIS does. Indeed, it is now widely regarded as innovative that Jochen Schaefer-Suren launched his first large, dedicated European hotel real estate fund over 15 years ago. Today IREMIS investment strategies incorporate innovation at the real estate level, during the operator selection and while structuring of the operating agreement to add value. This approach to innovation allowed the IREMIS team to either exceed target returns in the past, or in case of funds managed during the global financial protect investors from losses.

In addition to countering climate change the use of innovative sustainable solutions both on a corporate level and in our investment strategies at an asset level will be essential to add value for our investors.

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Personal Service & Alignment

IREMIS provides personal service and dedication to its clients with direct access at all times to shareholders and directors, i.e. the ultimate decision makers. Hence we offer a service level to all our clients, that mid or small sized institutional investors may not receive from the large investment management firms. Our service commitment is underpinned by a clear alignment of interests with our investors, which only an entrepreneurial firm can offer, as our success requires yours. We pride ourselves on providing high quality strategic analysis and recommendations with tailor made solutions considering the specific needs of our clients.