In a world of change IREMIS – a European real estate investment management firm – was founded to focus on specialist commercial real estate to help investors navigate through today’s unique challenges.


IREMIS is a European investment management firm founded by Jos Short and Jochen Schaefer-Suren to assemble and lead a group of real estate professionals with outstanding track records to assisting investors, lenders and occupiers to navigate the unprecedented challenges the world, its economy and real estate face today.

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IREMIS senior team has exceptional experience and track record in real estate development, investments, investment banking and fund management in senior positions and/or on boards of private and public companies.

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Iremis team


The three pillars of our strategy are:


Active investment management through innovation of: investment strategies, sustainability matters and IREMIS alignment with clients.


Focus on complex, operating real estate asset classes. Our wealth of experience in hotels and our extensive network in this sector make it a logical starting point.

Personalised Services

Personalized service for our clients with access to shareholders and senior management, only an entrepreneurial investment boutique like IREMIS can offer.


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    Message from the Shareholders

    Jos Short and Jochen Schaefer-Suren are delighted to announce the launch of our new real estate investment and asset management firm IREMIS.

    For more than a decade, governments and central banks have dealt with crises by providing numerous subsidies and liquidity at ultra-low interest rates leading to ever higher sovereign debt and inflated asset values. This made investment management easier facilitating the emergence of passive investment management.

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